SPEAR: Streamlined Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

SPEAR is part of the Land Registry in Land Victoria, a division of the Victorian Government's Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE).   []

The SPEAR system requires users from councils and applicant organisations who need to "sign" docuements to use a Gatekeeper Australian Business Number- Digital Signature Certificate (ABN-DSC) to increase the security of various decisions communicated in SPEAR. These certificates are required for all SPEAR users who:

  • will be issuing planning permits, certifying plans or issuing statements of compliance in councils
  • will be signing plans, surveyors reports and abstract of field notes in applicant (surveyor) organisations.

The first certificate obtained by a user in any organisation needs to be an Authorised Officer Certificate. This user has administration functions for the organisation, inlcuding approving certificate for any subsequent users. The latter certificates are called Standard Certificates.

Purchasing an ABN-DSC

You are required to complete the following 4 steps to purchase an ABN-DSC:

  1. 1. ABN-DSC Account Enrolment for your Company    [Enrol Now]
  2. 2. Subscriber Agreement
  3. 3. Authorised Officer Enrolment
  4. 4. Obtaining an Authorised Officer ABN-DSC
The Authorised Officer can now approve standard certificates for any other signing user in the organisation.

If you experience difficulty at any point, you can email Symantec at:
or call 03 9914 5600.

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