Gatekeeper Certificates

Gatekeeper is the Australian Federal Government's initiative for digital certificates. Digital Certificates enable organisations and individuals to securely conduct business over the Internet. There are a number of Federal and State Government Agencies which have made their services available online to those using Gatekeeper digital certificates. Learn more about Gatekeeper.

Symantec Australia (formerly under the name "eSign") is accredited to provide Gatekeeper compliant digital certificates. The Gatekeeper Overview provides more detailed information on the types of Gatekeeper compliant digital certificates that Symantec offer.

Benefits of Symantec Gatekeeper
  • Australian Government standard for PKI
  • Adopted by both Federal and State government agencies
  • Works in both Web Browsers and Email Clients
  • Go with the leader: Symantec is the leading provider of Gatekeeper certificates
For information, or to purchase Gatekeeper Digital Certificates for use with the Integrated Cargo System (ICS).
Gatekeeper Digital Certificates for use with the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) eConveyancing system.
Gatekeeper Digital Certificates for use with the SPEAR project (Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals), run by Land Victoria.
For information and to purchase Gatekeeper certificates for use with all other organisations.
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